I strongly support Sanjay Dave  for re-election to the MVLA High School Board of Trustees. I know that it is very important during these times to continue the strong leadership that MVLA has had over the past years to provide perspective and continuity as we move into new phases of distance learning and re-opening schools. There simply is no substitute for experience in these times.  The learning curve has been extraordinarily steep and Sanjay has risen to the challenge. reflected and responded during his first term. And he has a son in the District!
I have known Sanjay for 12 years. His daughter attended Castro Dual Immersion when I was a principal.  As a volunteer, he prepared weekly math lessons for a group of 5th graders and taught small groups for an entire year. He was committed to equity and I think that his passion for education may have been kindled at Castro when he experienced not only the work involved in teaching but the positive impact on students.

Judy Crates

Retired Graham Middle & Castro Elementary (currently Mistral/Castro) Schools Principal, Los Alto Community Foundation EY3 Director

‚ÄčOur organization began by knocking on doors around the neighborhoods surrounding the schools and quickly gathered 200+ petition signatures asking for due process and a seat at the table as the light and sound systems design and usage policies were being decided. I won't go into all the details, but with the support of the MVLA Board, and especially due diligence by Sanjay, we were able to engage District/school administrators/staff in 12 two-hour workgroups focused on neighborhood impact across the subjects of Sound and Light, Public Safety Traffic and Parking, and Communications.  The Board committed to having at least one member at each of these workgroups attend for oversight, and Sanjay was a very positive presence at several of them.

Mac McConnell, on behalf of MVLA Neighborhood Cares

I was happy to hear that Sanjay Dave is running for a second term on the MVLA High School Board of Trustees.  Clearly, in these unparalleled times, we need thoughtful and experienced school board members like Sanjay.
I first got to know Sanjay when our children went to grade school together at Castro Elementary School. Sanjay taught a small group math class there that completely fascinated my son and introduced me to Sanjay's commitment to education that inspires all students to learn.

Alison Hicks, Mountain View City Council Member

Sanjay Dave is a very thoughtful representative committed to listening to the opinions of our entire community while decisively driving to get things done.  In addition to being a strong advocate for lights, Sanjay has also been at the forefront of several other key initiatives including expanding Middle College so more students can take advantage of this innovative program, early adoption of the new "late start" bell schedule allowing our teens to get more sleep, and pushing to make sure we have an updated master plan so that our students can finally have the state of the art facilities that they deserve.  Sanjay is the only member of the Board of Trustees that currently has a child at one of the high schools which gives him a unique perspective that is critical when thinking about what the high school students of 2020 need.  We need Sanjay's leadership as we continue to navigate through this unprecedented time.

Robert & Megan Crissman,  Los Altos High School Athletic Booster Leaders

(Sanjay) Dave claims to be one of the more engaged board members, and his record bears that out. ..., his open communication with residents led to constructive compromises and agreements on thorny issues such as changes to a late-start bell schedule earlier this year and the recent approval of stadium lights at Los Altos and Mountain View high schools.

Los Altos Town Crier Endorsement