Why Am I Running for Mountain View-Los Altos High School Trustee?

I am running for re-election because I want to continue my work making a positive difference to our high school district and I would be honored to have your vote.

What drove me to run for election 4 years ago, still drives me today.   I strongly believe in a public education system and believe it is important to have engaged parents as board members that will work collaboratively with the school district, students, and community to continually raise the bar in giving our children the best and most equitable education possible.  As I've demonstrated in my first term, I'm committed to working with the district to provide the best educational outcome for all our students and I'm proud of the many accomplishments I made in my first year. 

Here's a list of some of my accomplishments my first term:

  • Academic Achievement Indicators - I worked with district staff to established a set of 12 board adopted metrics to improve academic achievement for all students
  • Late-Start Bell Schedule - negotiated a late-start bell schedule ahead of the state's deadline and with consistent start times.
  • City-Wide School Strategy - I was a key member of our board to negotiate with the Mountain View City Council to adopt a city-wide school strategy that makes sure schools are a part of any new development precise plans that understands a development's impact on our school district and school resources. 
  • Expanded Middle College - Our most popular educational option always had a waitlist of students that we ultimately had to turn down but through constant probing and looking at options, we found a way to increase our capacity, hire an additional teacher and allow more students to enroll in this educational option.
  • Expanded AVID - doubling the number of AVID students at both high schools - I came to know about AVID when my daughter was in middle school and found it to be a life-changing program for many of our underrepresented students.  When I joined the board, the AVID program was not a priority and I worked to increase the awareness of the benefits of this program and that we need to invest more resources into it.  I owe a tremendous amount of thanks for the MVLA Foundation, Dr. Jeff Harding, previous Superintendent, and my fellow board members for this success.
  • Expanded and Improved our Facilities - I was able to help lead the efforts to add stadium lights and create a master facility plan that better prepares our school sites for, not only the increase in the number of students but also to modernize and expand facilities for a better education environment. 

Moving forward, in my 2nd term, in addition to the core goals of the district, I will focus my attention on

  • Increasing Academic Achievement - there will be an increased focus here due to the possibility of continuing a distance learning pedagogy where we'll need to find a path that continues to allow all our students to achieve academic success.
  • Student Wellness - Continue and add to our wellness programs, including increasing our partnership with CHAC and, again, due to COVID-19 and shelter-in-place restrictions, provide additional support to many of our families
  • Facilities - Continue responsible facilities management of our current facilities planning, but also advocate for the district and community that a 3rd high school will be required due to the increase in housing development in Mountain View and Los Altos.
  • Promote Cultural Diversity - I'm taking a closer look at policing in our schools and working with the administration and local police departments to see how we can reduce system racism and discrimination.

It is certainly clear that we, collectively, have the energy, the brains, and the will to do great things for our kids and our community. I’m excited about the possibilities. I would be honored to have your vote

My tenets as a school board trustee for our district

  • Provide Equal Access such that all students to thrive academically, athletically, socially, and emotionally
  • Continuous Improvement in High-Quality STEAM education for ALL students
  • Attract & Retain high-quality teachers
  • Transparent to the Community/Voice of the community
  • Responsible and Sound Financial Planning for our immediate and future needs